Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1
Auris Bayadere 1

Auris Bayadere 1

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* The turntable comes without Tonearm cartridge and Turntable Clamp



The name “Bayadere” (from the Portuguese word bailhadera) is an European term for Devadasi, female dancers from India clothed in bright costumes, usually made out of striped fabric. The Bayaderas were women chosen to be married to deities and become temple dancers, in fact, according to the indian temple worship rules, dance and music are vital aspects of the daily worshiping rituals for temple deities.

Bayaderes were called akhanda saubhagyavati ("women never separated from good fortune"), they were treated with due respect and often presented with gifts. Their main duties were to take care of a temple and learn classical Indian dances, which they would perform at temple rituals.

Inspired by the fabric of Devadasi's robes, the Auris Baiadere 1 is a powerful musical temple in itself, stable and elegant with an exquisite design and crafted from high-quality aluminum.

Bayadere 1 is a well balanced turntable, it’s main platter is mounted on leveling feet, very precisely shaped by our designers for a true isolation from vibration and, in order to further reduce the vibrations, we integrated the main bearing in a case isolated from the base with a set of rubber rings. The main bearing is manufactured using the highest quality stainless steel with an incorporated bronze cylinder mounted with great precision in order to make the platter spin with the minimum resistance. There is a steady support of the main bearing consisting in a ceramic ball and a Widia tile hardness over 80 Rockwell, which makes the turntable work noiselessly and last longer with very little amounts of lubricant.




33,3 rpm/45rpm Manual select

Drive principle

Belt drive


299mm Aluminum/ Kerrock®

Main Bearing

Ceramic ball, Widia plate, Bronze cylinder

Speed Variance

33,3 +/- 0,11% 45+/- 0,11%

Tonearm - effective arm lenght

229 mm

Tonearm - Effective arm mass

12 gr



Tracking Force



AC 24 Volt


385mm x 112mm x300mm



Cartrige Compliance

From 8g to 15g

Tilt Angle



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