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Introducing Auris aRIAA, a sophisticated Phono Stage designed to elevate your vinyl listening experience. Boasting a convenient RCA input, this versatile device offers the flexibility to select between MM or MC input types effortlessly, thanks to intuitive switches located on the front panel. With a single RCA output, connecting your turntable setup has never been easier.

At the heart of the Phonio L lies our proprietary Sound Plus operational amplifiers, meticulously crafted and arranged in an advanced topology. This design ensures precise RIAA equalization, faithfully preserving every nuance of your vinyl recordings within the audible frequency spectrum. Say goodbye to unwanted hums and unpleasant harmonics; our innovative circuitry effectively suppresses these artifacts, delivering an immersive listening experience like no other.


Included with the aRIAA is a compact 16V AC adapter, thoughtfully designed to minimize interference while maximizing convenience. Its sleek profile ensures it won't clutter your setup, while the option to position it away from the device minimizes noise interference, allowing the power supply circuitry to operate at optimal efficiency.

For unrivaled performance, we've incorporated an LDO in conjunction with a BJT to achieve an ultra-low noise floor. This meticulously engineered power supply topology boasts an impressive PSRR (power supply rejection ratio), further enhancing the clarity and fidelity of your audio playback.

Experience the pinnacle of vinyl playback with Auris aRIAA Phono Stage — where precision meets passion, and every note resonates with unparalleled clarity.


Loading Settings


Left/Right MC Loading Resistance
1 and 3 off = 400 Ω
1 and 3 on = 100 Ω


2 and 4 off = 1000 pF
3 and 4 on = 2000 pF


Left/Right MC Gain
Gain = 67 dB

Left/Right MM Gain
Gain = 44 dB




Max input level
[at 1kHz]
60mV 4mV
Max output 5V 5V
Gain 44 dB 67 dB
SNR[un-weighted] >78dB >64 dB at 1V Bandwidth
0.01% at 1V 0.07% at 1V Bandwidth 100Hz – 22kHz
THD 0.0006% 0.004%
Freq. Response
±0.3dB ±0.3dB
RIAA accuracy ±0.3dB ±0.3dB
Input sensitivity 780mV [5mV input] 0.5mV for 1.1V output
Dimensions 12.5x13x4.5 cm 4.92" x 5.11" x 1.77"
Weight 450 gr 0.99 lb

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