Fortissimo is a integrated stereo tube amplifier in push pull technologu with KT-120 tubes which allows you 100 W rms per channel
Auris Audio Fortissimo
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Fortissimo is integrated stereo tube amplifier designed in Push-Pull technology. Fortissimo is made to thrill audio enthusiasts whose favorite notes can be found in more dynamic music. Great Orchestra, blues, rock and Fortissimo are made for each other.

The power of 100 AB-watts from a pair of KT-120s allows easy selection of wide range of speakers while wooden sides of enclosure reduces vibration.
One thing is certain – complete enjoyment is guaranteed

Product Specification

Output power 100W RMS
Class operation A/AB
Configuration Pentode - Ultra linear
Vacuum tubes 4 x KT120, 4 x ECC99
Inputs sensitivity 1.2V
Input impedance 100kOhm
Inputs 3 x RCA/XLR
Outputs 4 & 8 Ohm
Frequency response 15Hz - 50kHz
S/N > 85dB
THD % <1% / 1W , <5% / 100W
Power supply 230V ( 110V, 115V, 220V, 240V on request)
Power consumption 300VA
Dimensions W x L x H 490 x 447 x 335mm
Weight (kg) 30
Cables Not included